by Jocelyn Paige Kelly
After the new year had begun, I felt a huge craving to go some place fun and familiar.

I've been a fan of the Pinball Hall of Fame ever since it was located in Tropicana and Pecos next to the old T-Bird Lounge (now Putters). 

There is something magical about a place that strives to stay away from the glitter and glam of Vegas while catering to quite the playful clientele. In some ways it seems contradictory, but I find it principled and brilliant.

It's easy to come in here and spend an afternoon or evening. I love watching the occasional tourist who's somehow stumbled upon this hidden gem and watch them go from machine to machine, playing with either childlike wonder or the befuddled gaze of a compliant spouse that feigns a smile when you pass them by on your way to the Doctor Who machine.

My favorites are the old machines, the ones that aren't representative of movies or TV shows, but are really cultural clues to days gone by. They fill me with speculation and respect. It's good to know someone cares enough to keep them going. They're worthy of being in a museum.