by Jocelyn Paige Kelly
How many times in your life have you gone on a road trip from point A to B and never thought once to stop along the way?

I think it's very easy to do. We're so concerned about getting to where we're going that we don't even think that we should stop and smell the roses along the way. And in my recent travels, I took to heart the stopping and smelling the roses quite literally.
My plan on my journey back to Vegas was to take my time and enjoy the sights. How often does one get the chance of driving across country? I wanted to enjoy as much of it as I could and I did.

After Graceland I stopped at the Memphis Botanical Gardens where I enjoyed roses, outdoor sculptures and a Japanese Zen garden. Quite beautiful and glad I took the time. It rejuvenated me for the rest of my journey.

I also decided to make a stop for lunch at the Armadillo Botanical Gardens on my way through. It was quaint, but worth the visit. They have a butterfly garden, art sculptures throughout and a lovely pond area. I sat and read and enjoyed a beautiful day in Texas.

So, next time you travel, take the time to enjoy the journey. You won't regret it.



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