by Jocelyn Paige Kelly
The moment I passed by Hoover Dam, I stopped the first chance I could to look at Lake Mead.

I'd forgotten how beautiful the view was. Having grown up in Las Vegas, it was easy to take it for granted. It was only upon my return recently that I've begun to appreciate the beauty of the desert. I was quite in awe. And frankly, in tears for a few minutes. It felt good to finally be home in more ways than one.

And until I'd stopped to enjoy the view, I'd also forgotten about my fascination with helicopters until one came flying hurriedly over my head to my surprise.

I think I was four when I saw my first helicopter and I was mesmerized by it. At the time we lived in Colorado Springs so the first helicopter I saw was an army helicopter with two propellers. Ever since that moment, I dreamed of riding in one.

One of these days, I tell you ... one of these days.



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