by Jocelyn Paige Kelly
There are some places that are real gems.

I had a wonderful opportunity to participate as part of a Social Art Night series at GEM Studios here in Las Vegas. The event was open for anyone wanting to paint and socialize. People of all skill levels showed up and I was delighted to paint with professional artists alongside aspiring individuals such as myself. Inspiration was to be found throughout the whole night.

I felt at first like a diamond in the rough. More rough than diamond. By the end of the first night, I had created my first real painting in acrylic. It's inspired me to explore painting and art more and I'm so very grateful to Geneva Marquez for that inspiration and encouragement.

The next time I went I worked on the painting just below to the left. It's still in progress, but I felt more confident, more grounded. It's a wonderful thing to create alongside other artists. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. It really enhances a feeling of community and support.



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