by Jocelyn Paige Kelly
This year we had another great experience at the Vegas Valley Book Festival. 

We maintained a table with our issues alongside Red Rock Review and it generated a lot of buzz about the growing literary community here in Las Vegas. Many expressed gratitude towards are efforts and our continued presence and we loved sharing out table with the staff of Red Rock Review.

In the early part of the day I had the privilege of introducing four writers during their reading of work featured in our upcoming issue and blog. They read as part of the Las Vegas Poets Organizations series of readings in the Poetry Courtyard.

Judy Salz, Sarah Vernetti, Chelsea Sedoti, and Rosie Vargas.
Later that same morning I took part in a panel put together by James Joseph Brown who served as moderator. The panel was called Industry Insights: Local Literary Journals and was well attended as was the reading. Brown was complimented from many people of how informative and lively the panel was for them.

Overall, the experience was amazing. I'm thrilled that we've grown as much as we have and the enthusiasm among readers, writers, and supporters astounds me still. 

Read more about the recap from Helen's blog here.



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